Understanding the Role of the Applicant

The Applicant has an important responsibility in the funeral and cremation process.

The Applicant will sign, and become legally responsible for:

- The statutory declaration for the Permission for Cremation.
- The funeral and cremation arrangements.
- The funeral contract and payment of the funeral account.

Mountain View Crematoria

The team at Mountain View Crematoria has a responsibility to take all directions from the Applicant.

We often advise families to think carefully about choosing the Applicant. Whilst not compulsory, we advise that the Applicant chosen should be (in decreasing order of relevance):

  • The executor of the will
  • The next of kin
  • Part of the immediate family

The Applicant should also be available to answer calls or correspondence related to the cremation of their loved one. Any changes to the cremation arrangement and / or selection of the containment urn must be authorised by the Applicant (and no one else).

After the cremains of your loved one have left Mountain View or if you are bringing other cremains to Mountain View to be transferred into a new urn - we will require you to sign new documentation to become the new Applicant.

For these reasons, we will advise the family to choose their Applicant as the single point of contact when dealing with Mountain View Crematoria.