A Guide To Cremation Urns

Sizing, Types, Styles and Purposes

Guide To Cremation Urns

Every family has a different idea of how they would like to receive their loved one’s cremains.

Some families would prefer to keep the cremains together as one, without separating, therefore choosing an adult size urn for this purpose.

Other families choose to separate the cremains to ensure each family member receives a portion of the cremains to hold dear.

In this case, families may choose from the adult and keepsake ranges.  Some families choose jewellery as a token memento for this purpose.

At MVC we ensure we provide options to support the diversity of love and choice.

Size Guide

An adult urn usually stands from about 25-30cm in height, and can usually hold approximately 3 litres of cremains.  This size should accommodate a standard size adult, however this sizing can vary as the volume of cremains is based on the density of the deceased bones, rather than the weight of the whole individual.  There are some occasions where a standard adult size may not hold the entirety of the cremains due to an increased volume on completion.  In this case, MVC does have some larger style urns to accommodate an oversize volume of cremains.

Keepsake Urns

A keepsake urn usually stands from about 6-7cm tall, and can hold approximately 2-3 tablespoons of cremains. 

Keepsake urns are presented in the traditional form of the urn shape, but are also available in other shapes, such as butterflies and hearts.

Our tealight range stands from about 13cm in height, and can hold approximately 250 grams (1 cup) (250grams) of cremains. 

Biodegradable and Specialty Urns

We have a large range of specialty urns to accommodate requests which may sit outside of the ‘norm’ when choosing a final resting place for your loved one.  Our eco range offers the Biodegradable Turtle (link) which is available in both the keepsake and adult size, and our other specialty products include medium size urns which stand approximately 15cm in height.  Our scattering tubes also provide a more dignified way of scattering your loved one’s cremains both out to sea and on land.  They range in height from Token (12cm), Mini (13.3cm), Small (22.6cm), Medium (25.6cm), Large (32cm) and Extra Large (36.8cm).  The  whic Extra Large is recommended for full Adult cremains.

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