The MVC Difference

With the mountain as our backdrop, and care our core focus, Mountain View Crematoria (MVC) provides a holding of safety and nurture in the after-death care of your deceased loved one, yourself and your family.

Mountain View Crematoria is a family-owned business and we are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Our Approach

Mountain View Crematoria operates under and embraces the following 4 Pillars

Our all-female team hold dignity, compassion and professionalism at the forefront of our delivery and care for both your deceased love one and their bereaved family.  It is our aim to provide as smooth a process as possible as you navigate the road leading to your loved one coming home, or organising their final resting place.  There is no ask too big that we won’t endeavour to deliver on, within the means of our capabilities and that of our beautiful facility.

Our approach to cremations follows a strong line of ensuring we honour our environmental sustainability responsibilities.  Our equipment  is state of the art and features  the Joule Cremator.  Mountain View Crematoria aims to achieve a carbon neutral balance by 2025.  Our recent solar panel installation across our facility is supporting this cause.

In partnership with H.Parsons Funeral Directors, Mountain View Crematoria proudly supports the Flower Reach Project, an innovative program whereby unused flowers from funerals (with the permission of the family) are donated to TAFE Shellharbour Floristry students.  The flowers are repurposed into beautiful creations and enable a  practical application of their studies. This ongoing partnership has seen many beautiful arrangements created.

Mountain View Crematoria recently inherited the management of plaque production and placement, and we are available to assist you in this memorialisation option.  From point of production, to placement in selected local cemeteries and church gardens, Mountain View Crematoria can assist you in creating and placing a plaque to memorialise your loved one.

Our Team

Our team holds dignity, compassion and professionalism at the forefront of our delivery and care for both your deceased loved one and their bereaved family.

At Mountain View Crematoria we’re committed to providing an exceptional continuum of care for the deceased. Our all-female team is highly skilled and truly cares about your loved one and your family’s well-being. There is no request too large that we won’t endeavour to deliver on, within the means of our capabilities and that of our beautiful facility.

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Client Services

Sue will be able to assist you from the start your planning for your loved one through to their final resting place.
She’s available to assist you with any queries and can provide advice on Plaque Arrangements and memorialisation options at cemeteries, homes and or a memorial garden.



Cremator Operator / Client Services / Facility Caretaker

Emily wears a few hats here at MVC. Her primary function is in Client Services, where she supports the MVC team to manage any enquiries or questions that come through. Emily is also our Cremator Operator, and ensures that the highest efficiencies and standards are practised throughout the cremation process of your loved one.

Place Holder

Our Commitment

Our aim is to provide exceptional service to the families of the Illawarra that:

Is honest, compassionate and transparent.

Is environmentally responsible.

Provides a continuum of care for your loved one before, during and after cremation.

Strictly adheres to all industry governance and government legislation.

Commitment to Community & Local Business

  • MVC welcomes community stakeholders to visit our site, and book in one of our education facility tours.
  • We have partnered with TAFE Shellharbour to form the Flower Reach Project.
    • Reuse & recycle unused flowers (with family's permission).
    • Flowers donated to TAFE Shellharbour floristry students for repurposing and learning.
  • Contribute to educational events held within the community.
  • Partner with local business:  graphic designers, printers, maintenance.

MVC Commitment to Social Responsibility

  • Transparent business operations.
  • Best practice training provided to staff.
  • Focus on Mental Health Awareness – ongoing program in place, staff have buy in to programs eg:  regular social events, regular catch ups.
  • Free EAP offered to all staff and their families.

MVC Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

  • Austeng Joule Cremator – specialised equipment with two separate chambers to allow for a more environmentally sustainable practice.
  • Recycle & Reuse where possible e.g Flower Reach Project.
  • Installation of solar panelling on our facility roof.
  • Environmental products available for families e.g. biodegradable. turtle urns and eco pillows, scattering tubes.

Our Facility

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