Environmental Policy

Our Commitment To Supporting The Environment


Metal Recycling Program

It can be that people arrive to us with orthopedic implants and other medical items. These, particularly if made from metal, will remain after the cremation process is complete.

Rather than dispose of these metals, we recycle them. Medical equipment often requires strong and hard to find metals. We actively ensure that these materials are recycled.

Love you to Heaven and back Ash Pendant

World Leading Cremator

Made in Geelong, this cremator is among the most environmentally friendly in the world. It works to minimise emissions and power requirements


Green Plant Material Recycling

Rather than cremating or discarding flowers, we encourage families to take them home. This reduces on emissions from our cremator and ensures a more effective process.

One More Day Ash Pendant

Discouraging Storage in PVC

We actively encourage families to select other more environmentally friendly options for their loved ones cremains. We can however, still deliver remains in a PVC container.

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