Purchasing Funeral Urns Online

A Guide To Buying, Without Seeing

When searching for funeral urns online, it is important to know what you need. That is because purchasing a funeral urn that is too small, or made of the wrong material, can be more than frustrating. It can also be very painful for you and your family. Below are the main considerations to keep in mind while looking to buy a funeral urn online. There is a lot of cross over with our Guide to Cremation Urns information, but this is more focused on the aspects you miss out on by not visiting us in our showroom.


Have an idea of what you would like to do with your loved ones cremains. Urns are generally made for a certain role, and using them outside of that role could cause damage to your loved ones cremains and the urn.

Scattering Tubes are made for scattering, Crystal Urns are meant for indoor displays and Outdoor Urns are meant to go outside.

For most every purpose, there is a matching cremation urn. If you decide upon the purpose, you are much more likely to be happy with the urn you decide upon.

As with everything listed here, you can always call us. Our team is available to help you Monday to Friday, during business hours.

Otherwise, just send us an email and we can get back to you.

Sizing For Funeral Urns

GenThis one might seem pretty obvious but there are a lot of variables which determine what size of funeral urn you will need. The age, size and a dozen other factors will influence what amount of cremains you will receive after the cremation has taken place. If you would like to, you can find a bit more information on this page.

Urns on our website will give an indication of size and capacity.

Size is a category which we give to cremation urns depending on their capacity. By doing this, we give a much easier to understand indication. The sizes are (mostly) small, large, or keepsake. These three sizes cover most of the funeral urns, available from our site.

As mentioned above, there is also capacity. Now capacity is the amount of litres which the product can hold. We use this measurement as a guideline for our sizing and as the basis of our recommendations.

Generally, you can follow this rule of thumb:
Adults = Large Urn
Children = Small Urns

Keepsake and Jewellery sizes will often only accomodate the partial cremains of your loved one. It is therefore important to know what you will do with the cremains which do not fit. Often, purchasing a larger urn and a keepsake can help. Especially, if multiple people will have parts of the cremains.


Material of Funeral Urns

The material you require ties in directly to purpose. Some urns cannot be kept outdoors, and some urns will not biodegrade. There are 6 main categories of materials used in cremation urns: metal, wood, glass, paper, resin and ceramic.

These main categories encompass most types of urns and each has its own advantage and disadvantage, depending on your purpose.


Athena Bronze Elite Large Funeral Urns

The metal urns make up for majority of our urn range, and brass is our most common metal. Metal is often sturdier and more durable than other materials. It can often be placed outside, or kept for a very long period of time.


Blackwood Tealight

Wood is often aesthetically pleasing and chosen for how it looks in a certain setting. For the purpose of this guide, MDF is also being categorised as wood. Often, these urns are less durable but can still be kept for a very long time.


The Feather Large Urn

Most of our glass urns are actually made out of Bohemian Crystal. These crystal urns are heavy, difficult to produce and relatively fragile. They are however beautiful and striking products. These are best left indoors, and protected from falling.



The least durable material is often chosen for just that. Most of our paper urns are made out of eco-friendly paper which breaks down relatively quickly. This makes it useful for water burials, like those which our turtles offer.


C306 Angelina Pearl

Resin combines the strength of metal with flexible designs. Our resin urns are less durable than metal but if placed indoors and cared for, they will last as long as their metal counterparts.


AUKGK065 Heartache Ceramic Funeral Urns by Geert Kunen

Our ceramic range is made up of artist and artisan made urns. These special urns are resilient but also relatively fragile. In the same category are stone urns, which are durable and striking in their design.

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