The Collection of Cremains

At Mountain View Crematoria, we encourage families to take the time to make a definite decision on the final resting place of a loved one. Whilst ever a family keeps us updated, we will keep your loved one in secure care until this, sometimes emotional and permanent decision is made.


Taking a loved one home

This is increasingly popular. Choosing cremation over burial means the deceased is now able to be kept in the family's care at all times.  If a loved one is to be permanently returned to their home, a large selection of decorative urns to reflect their personality and suitable to your décor are available to view. Bronze containers suitable for home garden internment are also featured in our range.

We feature the largest range of urns, keepsakes and other memorial items in the Illawarra. We welcome you to visit us to assist you in making your decision.

To ensure the best personal service, we encourage you to make an appointment when coming to collect your loved one from us or to view our range at 21 Waverley Dr Unanderra.

We also offer delivery and postage options.

Cemetery style memorialisation

Some families prefer a permanent memorial and secure resting place in a memorial park environment. Mountain View Crematoria will arrange transfer or delivery of your loved one's cremains to your local nominated memorial provider on request. Permanent bronze niche wall or garden burial urns approved and promoted by most memorial parks and gardens are available in our range if required.

We can assist you with placing your loved ones cremains at one of several locations around Wollongong, Dapto, Kiama, Lake Illawarra and further.

Scattering of cremains

Scattering of your loved one is permanent and irreversible. For this reason, it is preferable if all the family agree with this option. Scattering may mean there is no lasting memorial to mark the position. Mountain View Crematoria offer a large range of environmentally friendly urns suitable for a dignified water disbursement. We also carry a large range of scattering tubes and boxes for this purpose.

Some families arrange a small personal ceremony at this time. Please be aware that if scattering in public areas, you may be required to notify the relevant authorities.

Disposal of unclaimed cremains

Long term storage of loved ones may be upsetting to family members who are left in limbo regarding the final stages of the funeral and goodbye process.

If left undecided, loved ones may spend years in PVC containers stored on shelves, under beds or in cupboards or even past down to future generations who may not be comfortable to have this responsibility unwittingly bestowed on them.

If you have left your loved one's cremains at Mountain View and after 12 months we do not receive instruction from the applicant, we may dispose of cremains in line with health department regulations. If you require extra time before making your final decision, please keep in contact with us. In this way we can continue to provide our ongoing service to you.