After the cremation has occurred, your loved one's cremains are stored in our secure area until further instructions are received from the applicant.

Alternatively, you may have your loved one stored in your home in a temporary container and now wish to bring them into Mountain View Crematoria to perform a transfer into a more permanent memorial urn.

Your instructions may include:

  • Transfer into a permanent ornamental urn selected from our large range
  • Transfer into a suitable container for courier, postal handling or delivery to your preferred destination, this may include your cemetery or memorial provider
  • Transfer into an environmentally suitable container or for water burial
  • Transfer into a scattering tube for dignified dispersion in a selected environment
  • Collection of cremains from our location

If you have any questions all our services will be provided to assist you. Just complete our contact form or call our office during business hours and one of our caring staff can advise you of available options