Mountain View Crematoria considers it a privilege to assist the bereaved community. Our services are a continuation of the funeral service needs and are usually booked at the time of the funeral arrangement by your funeral director.

Our commitment to each family is to uphold the values of respect and dignity for your loved one before, during and after the cremation process.

The Basics

So first of all, a cremation is the reduction of a body into cremains. What this means is that the body is consumed by fire and heat until very little remains. The cremains (what is left after the cremation) are mostly fragile bone pieces and this is what is considered as 'ash'.

Before the Cremation

Following the funeral service, the coffin is transferred to the crematoria.
A strict verification process is carried out prior to acceptance for cremation. This includes:
- Confirmation of the coffin name plate
- Health department application forms
- Medical certificates or coroners permits
- Confirm sign off regarding the presence or removal of battery powered devices such as  pacemakers prior to cremation taking place

The Cremation Process

Any items not permitted into the cremator will be removed, this may include metal handles or metal or glass tributes.

Then the name plate is removed at this time and displayed as identification on the front panel of the cremator where it remains during the cremation process.

The coffin is then placed into the cremator by our qualified operation staff.

In accordance with health department regulations, each coffin must be cremated individually. Each coffin must only contain one body unless special permission is granted by the Director General of Health.

The process can take approximately 50 minutes to 2 hours depending on several factors. This may include size, age and condition of the deceased.

After the process is complete, the cremains of your loved one will be stored in a secure, but temporary manner until we receive further instructions from the funeral applicant. The funeral applicant will instruct us of their choice for the containment of your loved one's cremains.

What are Cremains?

Once the cremation process has taken place, the only remaining contents in the cremator will be fragile skeletal remains or bone fragments. All components of the coffin have been reduced and exhausted through an environmentally efficient ventilation system. Any metallic contents including prostheses, coffin nails etc. will be removed using a magnetised wand during the process. The skeletal remains will be cooled and processed for transfer into an identification marked and sealed temporary storage container.

At Mountain View, we do not use the term 'ashes' as we feel this may be misleading. Cremains are not able to be reduced to an ash form.

Cremains are the contained and identified skeletal remains of your loved one.

Our Policy on Flowers

Our policy is not to place flowers, that remain with the coffin, into the cremator. We encourage families to seek information regarding options for flowers from their funeral director prior to the funeral service. More information see our environmental policy.

Permissible Timeframes

Generally, cremations will take place within 24 hours of the funeral service, however, in some cases it may be required to delay cremation for operational or permit reasons. Delayed cremations are held in accordance with all health department guidelines.