Understanding The Cremation Process

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1. The Cremation Booking Paperwork

MVC will work with you to complete the necessary paperwork to initiate your loved one's cremation.

Cremations for babies under 20-week gestation, require an MVC Booking Form to be completed by the primary contact person (applicant).  

Cremations for babies over 20-week gestation to adults, require the paperwork to be initiated by a Funeral Director.  We partner with H. Parsons Funeral Directors, Rankins Funerals in Warrawong, Easy Funerals, Wollongong City Funerals and Stan Crapp Funerals in Kiama to complete the service, and we are able to receive bookings from any Funeral Directors.

Once you have engaged with your preferred funeral home, and the details of your requirements are finalised and documented, MVC will receive a specific Booking Form providing details of the deceased and the Applicant’s details for future contact.  Relevant medical documentation will need to be provided to support this booking, as well as a Statutory Declaration from the family of the deceased.  Your funeral home representative can provide you with more information relating to the paperwork required.

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2. Your Loved One Comes Into The Care Of MVC

Prior to confirming the date for receiving the deceased at MVC, our administration team will ensure that all relevant paperwork has been received, and that all the requirements for the booking are met from an administration perspective.  Your loved one will be delivered to Mountain View Crematoria by your chosen  funeral home , and your loved one remains in the coffin that you have chosen.  You will receive a courtesy call from one of our administration team at least one day  before we are scheduled to receive your loved one.  The next steps will be discussed, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions.

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3. We Carry Out The Cremation

We endeavour to carry out the cremation of your loved one within a 48–72 business hour period, based on NSW Health guidelines. There are options for families to request a same day cremation or to witness the insertion of their loved one’s coffin into the cremator.  Fees do apply for these services.  Please contact our team, should you require further details of the costs related to these services.

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4. Once The Cremation Is Complete

You will receive a letter from our administration team confirming the cremation has been completed.  This letter also invites you to make an appointment for collection and  provides a link to our website and the Mountain View Crematoria online shop.  MVC stocks a wide range of  urns, keepsakes and jewellery  for carriage of the cremains (ashes).   This letter will be sent to the allocated email address of the applicant.  Should no email address be provided, a call will be made to advise you of the completion of the cremation.  

MVC also offers the Enviro Box, which is a no cost option receptacle for carriage of the cremains (ashes). The  Enviro Box stores the cremains within a bag. 

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5. The Collection Appointment

When you are ready to collect your loved one’s cremains, please contact our team to make an appointment. Meeting by appointment allows our team to ensure you and your family are given 100% attention and care during this process. Making an appointment also allows time for you to browse our beautiful showroom, should you wish to choose an urn or other items on the day.  



The applicant will need to be present for the appointment, and will be required to present a photo ID and sign a form stating that they have collected the ashes on that specific day.  Should the applicant not be able to collect the ashes, they are able to nominate an authorised contact in writing, who can then undertake the collection. 

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6. Memorialisation & Disposal

Not all families wish to collect the cremains of their loved one.  Some families wish to have their loved one’s cremains interred at a memorial garden or cemetery. Others may wish to have the ashes disposed of.  Our team can assist you with all of these arrangements.  

MVC can provide a delivery service of cremains to local councils and privately operated cemeteries or memorial gardens at no cost to you. Please speak to our administration team for further details of this service.  Our team will deliver ashes within a 50km radius, and outside of this are we can arrange courier or postage of the ashes for you. The cost of these services is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on your destination.

The Mountain View Crematoria team can also assist with disposing of your loved one’s cremains. With this option, your loved one’s cremains will be scattered within the Wattle Garden of Kembla Grange Cemetery. A $65.00 fee will be charged for this service.  Please speak to our team for further information. 

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