What To Expect Following Cremation

When you arrive for your appointment at Mountain View Crematoria (MVC), our team will present you with some options which will help you and your family to decide on your loved ones' final resting place.

Before you arrive, we encourage you to think of your loved one and their preferences. What colour did they like, or what style did they appreciate? This can help with finding the right type of vessel for their cremains.

Some of the options available to you are:

At Home

Urns and vessels are a beautiful and personal way to keep your loved ones' cremains at home.


Scattering Tubes are an affordable option allowing you to choose the final resting place of your loved one.

In The Family

Invite your family to keep a memory of their loved one close with a keepsake or jewellery piece.


Our team can assist in preparing the cremains of your loved one for memorialisation.

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At Home

We have a range of vessels available including: urns, jewellery and memorials.

Urns offer a long-term option and can come in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose from brass and metal which will protect cremains for generations, to eco-friendly urns which will hold cremains for a set amount of time.

These are all available at different price points, starting from a no-cost option for our Enviro Box. We also offer urns which conform to our Environmental Policy. Should you have any questions about our range of urns, please contact us.


At Mountain View Crematoria, we offer a full range of scattering tubes for families to choose from.

Scattering tubes are available in a range of different sizes and designs. As scattering is a permanent option, you may decide to keep a portion of the cremains. We offer a range of keepsake urns and keepsake jewellery to complement this choice.

Scattering tubes provide a simple and dignified way to spread your loved ones' cremains. This is done via a small perforated opening to the environmentally friendly cardboard container.

Please carefully select where you plan to scatter your loved one. We suggest you consider any regulations that apply to your chosen area.


In The Family

Sharing the cremains of a loved one amongst your extended family is considered a good choice by many.

Our team can assist in distributing cremains between separate urns, jewellery, scattering tubes or other vessels. These are then shared amongst the family and kept as a memento.

It is also possible to place a portion of your loved ones' cremains into a memorial garden, and keep a portion in the home. Our team can assist in organising this with you and the cemetery.


Memorialisation is the placement of cremains into a vessel, which are then interred in a cemetery and sealed with a personalised bronze or steel plaque. The internment options include: a columbarium wall, a garden placement, or a niche.

Depending on the location, there may be certain restrictions around the quantity of cremains which can be placed, the vessel in which they may be housed and display options.

Our team at MVC have the expertise to assist you and your family with the preparation and placement of plaque. We can help you to liaise with local cemeteries, assist with wording and placement of a plaque and cremains.